1.What time zone is Nexus 2020 Virtual?
Nexus 2020 Virtual is in ET, Eastern Time

2.Who’s attending Nexus 2020 Virtual?
We’re anticipating 1,500+ participants, inclusive of both member and non-member managed care decision makers.

3.How will I receive access to the Nexus Virtual platform?
An email was sent to all registered attendees on Tuesday, Oct. 13 from meetings@amcp.org with your personalized link to create your profile and view the Nexus Virtual platform.  If you didn’t receive this email by Thursday, Oct. 15, please check your Spam/Junk mail folders or contact meetings@amcp.org and we will re-send the invitation to you.  If you registered after October 15, you will receive an email within 24 hours of registering.  If you register the week of Nexus Virtual, your login information will be sent within an hour of registering.

4.What browser should be used to optimally view Nexus 2020 Virtual?

Windows: Chrome 72+, Edge 84+, Firefox 27+, or IE 11+
Mac: Chrome 30+, Safari 7+Edge 84+, or Firefox 27+
Linux: Chrome 30+, Firefox 27+

Note that the Nexus 2020 Virtual event platform is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

5.Where can I access the Nexus 2020 Virtual agenda?
The agenda for Nexus 2020 Virtual is available at on the Nexus Virtual platform under “Schedule” or at www.amcpmeetings.org.The meeting will be held from Monday, Oct. 19 through Friday, Oct 23.  Content from the meeting will be accessible to attendees through October 23, 2021.  Monday includes the pre-meeting program Critical Conversations, complimentary to all AMCP members.

6. How do I view the educational sessions?
Simply go to the agenda item on the schedule.  One minute before the session the live video will appear.  Please note, the platform uses Zoom to deliver the educational sessions.    Session recordings will be available after the session during the week and through October 30.  Please note, in order to receive CPE you must watch the live session per accreditation requirements.

7.What are the daily informal networking opportunities?
Informal networking opportunities will be hosted Tuesday through Friday from Noon-1pm ET and are open to all registered attendees.  Each day will include a networking conversation on the following topic areas:

Personal Development
Lunch with AMCP Leaders
Lunch with the Experts
Developing Student Pharmacists
Managed Care Pharmacy Hot Topics
Student Pharmacists Only

8.Why can’t I view satellite symposia through the virtual event platform? 
Non-commercial, grant-supported satellite symposia in conjunction with AMCP Nexus 2020 Virtual are developed by medical education organizations and offer continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credit, and some offer continuing medical education (CME) credit and continuing nursing education (CNE) credit. Access to Satellite Symposia is complimentary to both members and non-members.Though listed on the Nexus Virtual platform, these satellites are externally produced and not hosted by AMCP.  Links to register for each satellite are available on the event platform.

9.How do I schedule a private video meeting with another attendee during Nexus 2020 Virtual?
Schedule a private meeting with another attendee by following the steps below:

    • Click on the “People” tab at the top of the page.
    • Select “Attendees” from the drop down.  A list of all attendees will show in alphabetical order by last name.  You can search by last name or by the labels attendees selected when they created their profiles.  For example, if you would like to see all attendees with a pharmaceutical company as an employer, click on an attendee with that label and then on the “pharmaceutical company” label again. This will list all attendees that have selected that label.
    • Select the attendee you would like to schedule a meeting with and clicking “schedule a meeting.”  You can choose to add in another attendee to the conversation and are prompted to enter in the date and time for the meeting.  After you finalize the details, send the meeting invitation.
    • You can also send a message through the platform by following the instructions above and clicking on “send message” instead of “schedule a meeting.”
    • Notifications of a response to your messages and meeting requests will show when you are logged into the platform on the upper right-hand side of the page by an image that looks like a bell.

10.Does the platform include gamification?
Earn points by engaging on the Nexus 2020 Virtual platform! Click on “Fun and Games” in the platform navigation bar and then on “game” to learn more about which actions on the site will earn you points. Visit the leaderboard to see where you stand throughout the week. The attendee with the most points by the end of the meeting on Friday, Oct. 23 will win a complimentary registration to AMCP 2021.

11.What is the AMCP Variety show on Tuesday evening from 5:30-6:30pm ET?
The AMCP Variety Show includes “can’t miss” entertainment for the whole family including:

Mentalist/Magician Kevin Blake - Kevin Blake is recognized as one of the top entertainers in America, with mesmerizing appearances on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, The CW’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us, and Thrillist, and millions of views online. Kevin will enchant Nexus 2020 Virtual attendees with magic, wonder, and mind-boggling tricks.

Storyteller Diane Ferlatte - As a youngster, Diane Ferlatte was steeped in the oral tradition. Her early childhood years in Louisiana were spent on her grandparents’ porch with the family and neighbors swapping stories, lies, and tales. Diane has wowed audiences and performed internationally many times over, including Holland, France, Bermuda, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Broadway Musical Performer Andrew Arrington - Andrew Arrington has most recently been performing with The Lion King on Broadway, in Las Vegas, Chicago, and San Francisco. Andrew will showcase a vibrant and captivating musical performance of  songs.