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2020 AMCP Residency Showcase Rules & Regulations

These rules apply to participants in the AMCP Managed Care Pharmacy
Residency and Fellowship Showcase on
Thursday, October
22, 2020
at the MGM Grand Las Vegas that is part of
AMCP Nexus

Termination of Conference and Showcase — Should AMCP Nexus 2020 be cancelled due to acts beyond the control of AMCP, the Application/Contract may be terminated. AMCP will not incur any liability for damages sustained by Participant because of such termination. In the event of Nexus 2020 being cancelled, AMCP will refund Residency and Fellowship Showcase booth fees to all participants within 60 days of October 23, 2020.

General Rules — All rights and privileges granted Participant hereunder are subject to and subordinated to a master lease between AMCP and the MGM Grand Las Vegas.  This agreement provides a personal right to Participant and creates no interest or estate in the MGM Grand Las Vegas or its equipment or facilities.

Participant will comply with all applicable federal, state and municipal statutes, ordinances, regulations, rules, and requirements including, without limitation laws applicable to patents, copyrights and trademarks and all rules and regulations of the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

Participant assumes all responsibility of its Showcase personnel, employees, contractors, servants, agents, and for all persons admitted to the Showcase area associated with its table.

Exhibit Table locations will be allocated at the sole and exclusive discretion of AMCP with due regard to grouping of Residency Programs and date upon which the contract is received and approved. The decision of AMCP with respect to allocation of exhibit table space will be final and binding.

Any activity within the Showcase, including, without limitation, distribution of any literature or giveaways must conform to the educational and professional nature and character of AMCP Nexus 2020.

AMCP reserves the sole right to prohibit and require immediate cessation of any activity or distribution which, in AMCP’s sole discretion, is determined not to conform as aforesaid.

Participants will not discriminate against any person on account of race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin or physical or mental disability.

Electrical or other mechanical apparatus must be muffled so noise does not interfere with others.

AMCP Logo — Participants are not permitted to use the AMCP logo, the name of AMCP, nor in any manner associate any activity with AMCP during AMCP Nexus 2020.

Care of Space and Premises — The Participant shall take good care of his/her table space, not deface or mar said premises, and will keep and maintain the aforesaid premises in good order at all times. Decorations may not be used. Distribution of food and beverages by the Participant at the Showcase is prohibited.

Safety — No combustible decoration, such as crepe paper, tissue paper, cardboard, or corrugated paper shall be used at any time. All packing containers, excelsior and wrapping paper are to be removed from the floor and must not be visible.

Volatile, explosive or other flammable matter or any substances prohibited by the law or insurance carriers are not permitted on premises.

All electrical equipment must meet applicable National Electrical Codes and convention center
requirements. Electrical fixtures and fittings must be UL listed and so marked. Access to public elevators and escalators must not be blocked at any time.

Utility panels switchgear, fire hose cabinets, stand pipes, and fire extinguishers must remain
visible and accessible at all times. Nothing may block exit doors, fire extinguishing equipment, sprinklers, or emergency lighting systems.

Participants may not use helium balloons, compressed gas, heaters, or heating devices, or motorized vehicles of any kind.

Limitation of Liability — The Residency/Fellowship Program assumes responsibility for its Showcase personnel, employees, contractors, agents and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold
harmless AMCP, the MGM Grand, the City of Las Vegas, and their affiliated and subsidiary companies, and their respective  partners, directors, officers, employees, and agents (“the Indemnities”) against all claims, losses, illness and damages to persons or property, governmental charges, or fines and attorney’s fees arising out of participation in this event.

Insurance — Participants must adequately insure their materials, equipment, goods and wares against theft, damage, loss or injury of any kind and must do so at their own expense; AMCP and the MGM Grand Las Vegas are not responsible for any loss (howsoever caused) to any property of
any Participant. Participants are solely responsible for their own actions during AMCP Nexus 2020.

All Participants are responsible for informing their own personnel and authorizing representatives of these Rules and Regulations.